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Bois Brule Levee

In the Spring of 2016 Zahner & Associates, Inc. was contacted by the Levee District and the Corps of Engineers to utilize our Mobile LiDar services to survey the low points (problem areas) on the 32 miles of the levee in Bois Brule. Timing was a major factor. Every minute counted as the Mississippi River flood waters were rising.  Zahner & Associates was able to survey and assess the problem areas and start staking a solution within 24 hours.


Using conventional methods were time prohibited. The quick turnaround time utilizing Mobile LiDar allowed us to stake the areas where rock needed to be filled to reach flood elevations on a timeline that was consistent with the rising flood waters. After the flood waters had receded, we collected data on the levee and provided the Levee District and Corps of Engineers a volume of the total quantity of rock that was added.