Our Team

Zahner training meeting

Stand Out in a Crowd of Options

Much can be learned about an organization by looking at their team. With collective experience spanning over 100 years, our team speaks volumes.

Several of our staff members have been with Zahner & Associates since Michael Zahner acquired the firm in 1991, heading their departments and teaching new generations the principles and values of our organization.

At Zahner & Associates, we realize our employees are the backbone of our company. Their decades of hands-on experience is one of the many characteristics that distinguish us from other survey companies. We ensure our staff members are thoroughly trained in the latest technology and best practices, offering them continuing education opportunities such as, college classes, conferences, training courses, and certifications. When cutting-edge technology is partnered with decades of on-the-job wisdom, our clients see challenges minimized as solutions are maximized.

Our Leadership

Each division is managed by a member of our Leadership Team. They, along with our staff, ensure we provide the very best to our clients.

Michael Zahner
Colin Zahner
Principal, Professional Land Surveyor
Cori Zahner
Residential Survey Coordinator
Waylon Sparkman
Commercial Survey Coordinator
Mark McKlin
Professional Engineer
Clint Brown
Professional Engineer
Dan Huck
Professional Land Surveyor
Alex Armbruster
Safety Manager

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