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America’s Vietnam Wall

America's Wall Perryville Missouri

We are very proud to be a part of this project that is not only a wonderful addition to our community, but that will attract visitors from around the nation and the world to honor our Veterans.  Missouri's National Veterans Memorial will be home to the only full scale, exact replica of the Vietnam Memorial wall other than the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

The Memorial consists of 47 Acres donated for the project from a local Vietnam Veteran.  It will include a welcome center/learning center, museum, large pavilion, and is identical in every way down to the granite wall being from the same quarry in India as the wall in Washington DC.  There are future plans to use part of the land for a National Cemetery, as well.

Zahner & Associates was able to create 3D model photos and video for this project to help visualize what the finished product would ultimately look like.

To learn more, and to donate to this worthy cause visit their facebook page or online at