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Ameren Transmission Line Montgomery to Sub T Hills

Zahner & Associates, Inc. provided surveying services for a 189 mile Ameren electric transmission line from Montgomery Substation (Missouri) to Hills Substation (Iowa). The project was staged in three phases. Phase I included 67.4 miles from Montgomery Substation to Palmyra Tap. Phase II was 62.8 miles from Palmyra Tap to north of the Missouri-Iowa border. Phase III completed the project with 59.2 miles from north of the Missouri-Iowa border to Hills Substation.


Zahner & Associates, Inc. was responsible for staking of new structures and clearing, installation of RFID markers, and wire sag verification for new Optical Power Ground Wire. To install RFID markers for the entire length of all phases, Zahner & Associates, Inc. performed deed of record acquisitions, surveying applicable property corners, locating structures, analyzing deeds, calculating easement locations, setting RFID markers, and publishing a plat of RFID marker locations established with latitude and longitude.