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Safety and Training

Zahner & Associates was honored by Ameren receiving the 2015 Ameren-Contractor Safety Leadership Award in recognition of outstanding safety, performance, leadership, & commitment, and the 2015 Ameren-Contractor Safety Leadership Award in recognition of excellent safety performance, commitment and leadership. Zahner & Associates was one of only 3 companies to receive the first of the two awards. We are so honored by this recognition as it solidifies with our partners our commitment to providing exceptional work and the high priority we place on safety.

At Zahner and Associates, we expect our staff to always keep up with the latest safety and training programs. We want to ensure every member of our staff is using the safest methods and utilizing their knowledge acquired through various training courses. It is expected every one of the staff follows the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and stays up-to-date with the training requirements, such as the annual 8-hour refresher course. More information is included in the outline list below:

  • We have employees who have completed 40 hours of training required to meet the MSHA Part 48 Mine Safety Training. This is required by corporate clients and governed by MSHA guidelines.
  • Many of our employees have completed the MSHA Part 46 requirements required by corporate clients governed by MSHA guidelines.
  • All employees working around power plants, power lines, and substations have completed special power safe training courses.
  • Our crews have completed training requirements to be certified in CPR and First Aid.