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The Use of Aerial Solutions in Current Surveying

Drone (UAV)

Brief History of Work

Zahner & Associates has been an institution in surveying for almost 30 years.  We have projects that range from local/private corner searches to multi-state utility projects and everything in between.  We have always been a quick adaptor when new technologies hit the market.  From GPS to Laser Scanning to Mobile LiDAR to new UAV (Drone).


Decision to Get a Drone

As a company which services both urban and rural customers, we noticed that most of our technology was focused on making our urban projects run faster and more efficient.  While we can still use our equipment (Laser Scanner/Mobile LiDAR) in rural settings, it never seemed to be the right balance between accuracy and efficiency.  With that in mind, we went looking for a solution that could fill the role of providing both speed and accuracy to both rural and urban projects.  We found that the right fit for Zahner & Associates, Inc. was to purchase a fixed wing survey drone – the eBee.

Work Experience

Over the past year of working with the eBee, we have been able to more quickly and accurately survey rural and urban projects.  We have also been engaged in surveying stockpiles from mines, and power plants, and used the drone on some of our projects to simply present the customer with an accurate overview (orthophoto) of the property.



Our deliverables are normally an orthophoto of the property, which are contours created from the drone and terrestrial methods, or volumes of stockpiles.


~Mark Prost is a Certified Drone Pilot. You can email him at or call 573-547-1771 for more information.