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How to Know When You Need to Hire a Residential Engineer

Many homeowners don’t realize that they often need to hire a civil engineer to monitor and help with their projects. In most cases, a detailed plan completed by a licensed professional is required by local and sometimes state and federal regulations.

In the state of Missouri, certain home improvement projects and additions may require the help of a civil engineer. Unfortunately, many times homeowners do not come to know this until they run into an issue.


Here is a short list of some of the situations where you may need residential Engineering Services like those provided at Zahner& Associates:

• Planning and oversight of construction including conceptual, additions, and demolition

• Assistance with rezoning and permitting

• Sewer, drainage and grading projects

• Pedestrian improvements such as sidewalks and curbs

• When working around septic systems, municipal or private water, sewer, or drainage systems


An Engineer will research any building code or zoning regulation in your town or city to ensure your property will comply with the law. Engineers most often work in conjunction with surveyors to collect necessary and accurate information to determine the best direction for your project. They use their knowledge to ensure that facilities are properly designed and constructed, and inspected upon completion to make sure rules, regulations and guidelines have been followed.

If a new property or project is in your future, consider contacting the Engineering Department at Zahner & Associates, Inc. It can save you time and money in the long term and prevent unforeseen issues with local zoning rules and regulation.


Mark McKlin is a licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas, New York, and Arizona. You can email him at or call 573-547-1771 for more information.