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The Use of Aerial Solutions in Current Surveying

Drone (UAV)

Brief History of Work

Zahner & Associates has been an institution in surveying for almost 30 years.  We have projects that range from local/private corner searches to multi-state utility projects and everything in between.  We have always been a quick adaptor when new technologies hit the market.  From GPS to Laser Scanning to Mobile LiDAR to new UAV (Drone).


Decision to Get a Drone

How to Know When You Need to Hire a Residential Engineer

Many homeowners don’t realize that they often need to hire a civil engineer to monitor and help with their projects. In most cases, a detailed plan completed by a licensed professional is required by local and sometimes state and federal regulations.

In the state of Missouri, certain home improvement projects and additions may require the help of a civil engineer. Unfortunately, many times homeowners do not come to know this until they run into an issue.



Despite our best engineering and maintenance efforts, traffic volume, heavy weight loads, and inclement weather destroy our roads over time. This leaves our county and city planners to sort through the usual list of complaints and various field trips to view and prioritize problem areas. It can be a challenge to plan a solution for the problem, especially on a limited budget, but there is hope.