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We believe in providing the highest quality service to all our customers on every project. We are constantly pioneering through new challenges and opportunities in many industries to bring our clients faster, and more accurate information then anytime in the history of our industry. Take a look at a few of our projects and what our customers have to say, and learn how Zahner & Associates can work for you.

Ameren Transmission Line Montgomery to Sub T Hills

Zahner & Associates, Inc. provided surveying services for a 189 mile Ameren electric transmission line from Montgomery Substation (Missouri) to Hills Substation (Iowa). The project was staged in three phases. Phase I included 67.4 miles from Montgomery Substation to Palmyra Tap. Phase II was 62.8 miles from Palmyra Tap to north of the Missouri-Iowa border. Phase III completed the project with 59.2 miles from north of the Missouri-Iowa border to Hills Substation.


3D Scanning & Printing for Facility Engineering

Laser Scanning & 3D Printing - Barry Decker, PMP, Project Engineer, asked Zahner and Associates to prerform laser scanning services of a facility that would allow him to detail engineer some equipment replacement. Hear what he had to say:  “The Zahner team understood exactly what I needed, walked me through the capabilities of their registration and rendering software (also a very powerful modeling tool for piping) and provided me with the point clouds I needed to work with.

City of Perryville City Street Project

City of Perryville Street Project

Mobile LiDAR - The city of Perryville contracted with Zahner & Associates to use a new approach for monitoring and maintaining road infrastructure. Like most municipalities, the City knew that its aging asphalt roads were in disrepair. The City needed an efficient and objective method of evaluation. Using the Leica Pegasus 2 Mobile LiDAR Unit, the City was able to collect data to allow the evaluation of current road conditions with more precision than ever.